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Our aim

To help future students, by providing a portal for current students to leave honest and constructive reviews about their experience of studying their chosen online course.


Whilst we work with online course providers to assist students in finding the courses that best suits their needs, the views expressed within this site are not ours, but reflect those of our site visitors.

Publishing your review

We publish all reviews (good or bad) unless they contain abuse and/or unacceptable language, we may slightly edit your review in the event of small sections being unsuitable for publication.

Our commitment to the planet

1 review = 1 tree

By reviewing an online course on this website, you plant a tree somewhere in the world.

We’ve partnered up with our friends at Tree-Nation, meaning every time you leave a review on our site, a tree will be planted in your name in our forest. Here you can check what species it is and what part of the planet it is growing on. You can also see how much CO2 has been offset from your tree and the rest of the trees planted in our forest.

Deforestation is happening across the world and higher CO2 levels are having devastating effects on our planet. Not only do rising temperatures mean sea levels are rising and wildlife is threatened, deforestation also causes problems to the water cycle, food production and disturbs native tribes.

Help us help our planet.