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As someone who loves to study and having studied at both a traditional and online university I can say that online study is the way to go. I have travelled more countries, been immersed in more cultures and met a wider variety of people in the past 8 months of my time with Arden University than I did in my entire 4 years at traditional university!

Where did you study?Travelling SE Asia / Canada
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Name of your course:MSc Psychology
Type of course:Masters
Length of course:1.5 years
Overall rating of your course
Quality of course content:The content is as interesting as it is demanding which makes motivation to study much easier!
Technical delivery:The ilearn platform is easy to use and makes it really simple to work through the modules without missing anything.
Technical delivery
Peer to peer interaction:There are forums on the ilearn platforms which are frequently used by the majority of students to discuss any idea and issues. Also there are student made Facebook / WhatsApp groups and if there isn’t one for your current module you can just make one yourself as there are always people who will want to join. The only downside is that this isn’t face to face interaction. However, I am sure if I was to be in close proximity to any of my fellow students I am sure this would be achievable.
Peer to peer interaction rating
Student support:Easy to contact tutors if you need to (they are also present on all the ilearn forums) and if you have a period of inactivity on ilearn they are quick to check up everything is going okay and you are not having problems with the content / time management.
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Overall experience comments:So far so good! Still got another year of study left but I am excited for my future modules and what I can achieve with Arden University.
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Provider:Arden University
Review dateOctober 1, 2019