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Online learning is so flexible, I would encourage everyone to try; modules can be started and picked up whenever you have time – excellent way to learn.

Where did you study?Whilst working
Overall experience of this provider rating:
Name of your course:Young People and their Mental Health
Type of course:Short
Length of course:5 weeks, 2 hours per week
Overall rating of your course
Quality of course content:Relevant, informative content given in different formats - articles, videos, personal experiences
Technical delivery:Always worked well, no problems
Technical delivery
Peer to peer interaction:On-line forums and discussions after each module were helpful to see other's perception of information given
Peer to peer interaction rating
Student support:Weekly emails received encouraging completion of course
Student support rating
Value for money rating
Overall experience of this provider rating
Overall experience comments:Free on-line course, I wo
Overall experience rating
Review dateOctober 10, 2019